We’re masters at creating art in the kitchen

Rooted Biscay cuisine. Over twenty years rediscovering and inventing common dishes, wanting to constantly innovating to surprise our guests.

Slightly smoked European eel and avocado in spiced quince veil over foie gras with citric aroma22,00 €
Natural asparagus of Navarre and truffle jelly with quail egg and Txakoli meunière16,50 €
Acorn-fed Iberian ham and loin “Carrasco”31,90 €
Marinated Bluefin tuna loin, cherry and beetroot with “Azpigorri” cheese cream25,30 €
Warm oyster over fennel jelly in lemon sauce Baeri caviar19,80 €
Roasted langoustine and Lumagorri chicken over leek, vermouth and vegetable sprout junket½ portion 16,50 €
Begihandi roll stuffed with Zalla red onion, pickling petals and black potato perfumed with pea caviar½ portion 13,75 €
Lamb sweetbread in its sweet juice in “Idiazabal” cheese sand with carrot, vanilla and pumpkin sautée½ portion 16,50 €
Free-range egg at 65º with its broken Shell over mushroom and truffle layer½ portion 16,50 €
Slightly smoked Galician octopus, garlic soup royale and potatoes in textures½ portion 14,85 €
Cadoret oysters6,60 € /unit.
Grilled lobster from the Cantabrian sea82,50 €/Kg.
Grilled langoustine78,10 €/Kg.
Grilled rose shrimp from Huelva27,00 €/Kg.
Clams82,50 €/Kg.
Cod tasting (grilled, vizcaina and pil pil)27,50€
Selection of grilled fish with creamy mushroom rice27,50€
Hake cheeks al pil pil with clam28,00 €
Hake loin “koxkera” style25,30 €
Grilled sole, sautéed artichokes and common cockles cooked with Txakoli wine28,00 €
Piece of grilled Bluefin tuna with teriyaki sauce and vegetables in tempura28,00€
Slightly roasted Iberian pork shoulder with potato, mushroom and parmesan stew25,30 €
Roasted sirloin with truffled semolina risotto and boletus27,50 €
Charcoal-grilled ox T-bone steak with salad49,85€ Kg
“Euskal txerri” piglet confit with papaya and mango sautée with Rimbas black peppered chocolate26,50 €
Slightly roasted Barbarie duck supreme and its stewed thigh over corn crumble, blood orange jelly and vegetables27,50 €
Roasted veal over mushroom cream and root vegetable sautée in Rosemary aroma23,65 €
Warm chocolate tartlet “8 minutes” Cocoa shortcrust pastry, warm 64% chocolate puff pastry and cinnamon stick ice cream Suitable for those allergic to nuts12,65 €
Raspberry, yogurt and Dulcey junket Dulcey crumble, raspberry and yogurt junket, creamy yogurt, different Dulcey textures and raspberry meringue12,65 €
“Cappuccino” Creamy kuzu and honey, buttery arabica coffee and vanilla ice cream, salt and cocoa sand, milk foam12,65 €
Cheesecake and Quince. Cheesecake, quince marmalade, cream ganache and raspberry sorbet12,65 €
Three Chocolates. Creamy white chocolate, milk chocolate ganache, cocoa sponge cake, crunchy praliné, hazelnut candy and apricot sorbet over ½ dark chocolate cannoli.12,65 €
Our version of the tarte Tatin, mace and Vanilla. Apple tarte Tatin, mace flower parfait, Tahiti vanilla ice cream, almond crumble and wafer caramel.12,65 €
Mandarin, Orange and Peach Pavlova. Juicy meringue with pieces of orange, finely chopped glazed peaches, mandarin gelatin with pineapple and mango sorbet.12,65 €
Coconut and grapefruit bonbons Coconut sponge cake, grapefruit confit, orange slices, vanilla caramel, crunchy coconut and coconut ice cream12,65 €

Txindoki Spring Menu  2017

Bloody Mary

Roasted oyster over fennel gelatine in lemon sauce and baeri caviar

Slightly smoked european eel  in spiced quince veil over foie gras with citric aromas

Natural asparagus of Navarre with truffle jelly quail egg and txakoli meunière

Lira spider crab, leek brandade and false crab shell

Amanita and truffle in glass egg over crunchy nest

Begihandi roll stuffed with zalla red onion, pickling petals and black potato  perfumed with pea caviar

Lamb sweetbread and its sweet juice in Idiazabal cheese sand with carrot, vanilla and pumpkin sautée

Hake cheeks in their pil pil over semolina and babatxiki beans

Euskal txerri piglet comfit with papaya and mango sautée with rimbas black peppered chocolate

Grapefruit gin and tonic

Azpigorri cheese, strawberry, milk and cider

Mont Blanc

Coffee and its petit fours

Price: 99 €


Recommended pairing for the menu

Quibia (Callet y Premsal) (Vinos de la Tierra de Mallorca)

La Vigne Blanche 2014 (Sauvignon Blanc) (A.O.C. Sancerre)

Altos Inurrieta Res. 2009 (Cabernet Sau. Syrah Graciano)(D. O. Navarra)

Calados del Puntido 2012 (Tempranillo) (D. O. Ca. Rioja)

Dolç Mataró Alto Alella (Monastrel) (D. O. Alella)

Prize: 29,70 €

Bizkargi menu

Bizkargi Menu, 19th – 25th June
  • Iberian ham on tomato bread toast
  • Tuna belly salad with tomato vinaigrette
  • Seafood and vegetable lasagna over pea cream
  • Cod with golden potato rounds and citric pil pil
  • Grilled pork chop burger with Idiazabal cheese and red pepper on toast
  • Creamy pie with ice cream

Price: 41,80 €

Drinks not included. V.A.T. included.