Rooted Biscay cuisine. Over twenty years rediscovering and inventing common dishes, wanting to constantly innovating to surprise our guests.



Txipiron de potera a la plancha



Slightly marinated “Balfego” bluefin tuna, beetroot,
and “Azpigorri” cheese cream


“Carrasco” acorn-fed Iberian ham and loin


Winter vegetables in textures


Slightly smoked octopus, garlic soup royal and potato textures


Lamb sweetbread and sweet juice in Idiazabal cheese sand
with sautéed carrot, vanilla and pumpkinA


To highlight the essence of the following dishes, they will be served in small portions. 

Roasted oyster over guacamole, quince foam and “Kristal” caviar


Lobster medallions and coral cream in avocado, fennel
and green apple slush savarin


Marinated partridge supreme in corn toast, thighs in
aspic and tender sprouts


Free-range egg at 65º with broken shell over
mushroom and truffle


Cadoret oysters


Grilled Cantabrian lobster


Grilled langoustines


Grilled rose shrimp from Huelva


Coffee marinated fawn loin with spices and sweet
potato and mushrooms on toast


Hare “a la royale” over apple tatin and
parsnip sponge cake


Roasted sirloin with boletus risotto and truffle meringue


Charcoal grilled T-bone steak with salad


Glazed pork hands and red “Zalla” onion, perfumed
citric potato and celeriac


Roasted veal meat with red peppers and sautéed root
vegetables in rosemary aroma


Cod tasting (grilled, vizcaina style and pilpil)

Selection of grilled fish with creamy mollusk rice


Hake cheeks al pilpil with clams


“Koxkera” hake loin


“Balfego” bluefin tuna tataki, cauliflower,
broccoli and olive cream


“10 Minute” Tropical Crumble”

Sautéed pineapple, mango, papaya, banana, avocado cream, osmosis pineapple, rice pudding cream, mango sorbet and muscovado crumble.

Green coffee, dark beer, cocoa and arabica composition

Dark beer and cocoa sponge cake, creamy chocolate, Arabica coffee foam, green coffee ice cream, ganache 64%, and covered in crunch

Raspberry, yogurt and Dulcey junket

Dulcey crumble, raspberry and yogurt junket, creamy yogurt, different Dulcey textures and raspberry meringue

Our version of the tarte Tatin

mace and Vanilla Apple tarte Tatin, mace flower parfait, Tahiti vanilla ice cream, almond crumble and wafer caramel

Cheesecake and Quince Cheesecake

quince marmalade, cream ganache and raspberry sorbet


Merengue jugoso, plátano pochado, esponjoso de coco, confitura de piña, sorbete de maracuyá y mango y crumble de almendra
Apto para intolerantes a la lactosa
Apto para celiacos sin crumble de almendra

Warm chocolate tartlet “8 minutes”

Cocoa shortcrust pastry, warm 64% chocolate puff pastry and cinnamon stick ice cream Suitable for those allergic to nuts

Sweet little crazy