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Txakoli Artizar 2012

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“Carrasco” acorn-fed Iberian ham and loin

Foie bonbon and late harvest Urezti txakoli wine over popcorn and spiced chocolate bread

“Balfegó” bluefin tuna tartar, cherry meringue, Grand Smith apple jelly and olive oil

Slightly smoked octopus, garlic soup royal and potatoes in textures

Lamb sweetbread and juice in Idiazabal cheese sand, sautéed carrot, vanilla and pumpkin

Stewed beans with false tripe and “Balfegó” bluefin tuna noten, chive hearts and sorrel


Crispy oysters with red lentil cream and seafoam

Lobster medallions and coral cream in avocado, fennel and green apple slush savarin

Langoustine tail over white asparagus cream, coral emulsion and “Per Sé” caviar

Euskal Oiloa egg at 65º over creamy parmentine foam and sautéed white asparagus, St. George’s mushrooms and peas

Marinated anchovy loins over black olive naan bread, tomato jelly and avocado and lime ceviche

*  The following dishes will be served in small portions to enhance their essence.


Cadoret oysters

Grilled Cantabrian lobster

Grilled langoustine 

Grilled rose shrimp from Huelva


 “Euskal Txerri” piglet confit, papaya and mango sauté with Rimbas pepper spiced chocolate

Grilled sirloin with boletus risotto and truffle meringue

Charcoal grilled T-bone steak with salad

Glazed pork hands and red “Zalla” onion, perfumed citric potato and celeriac   

Slightly roasted Araiz squab, thighs royal with spiced peach and sweet potato    


Grilled hake loin with golden potato and chive

Hake cheeks al pil pil with clams

Cod tasting (grilled, in vizcaina sauce and pil pil

“Balfegó” bluefin tuna tataki, cauliflower, broccoli and olive cream

Small hake piece over velouté and sautéed spinach  ½  portion

Cod confit and crispy brandade, skin pil pil and bell pepper nectar ½  portion


Yogurt and fruit “junket”

Yogurt, apricot cream, orange slices, spiced parsnip spongecake and multifruit sorbet junket

Mint, strawberry, cava and black pepper “Freshness”

Mint ganache, strawberry compote, cava slush and black pepper ice cream

Cherry, redcurrant and Amaretto “Gâteau Basque”

Lemon and vanilla dough, almond and rum cream, cherry foam, redcurrant sorbet and Amaretto gel

Chocolate, olive oil and cardamom “Contrast”

Chocolate mousse, banana emulsion, passionfruit foam, olive oil ice cream, cardamom spongecake and chocolate gel

Cheesecake and Quince

Cheesecake, quince marmalade, cream ganache and raspberry sorbet

“Cheesecake” with tangerine, orange and orange blossom water

Esponjoso de queso, interior de mandarina, helado de leche merengada, granizado de mandarina, coulis de naranja y agua de azahar

Warm chocolate tartlet “10 minutes” 

Cocoa shortcrust pastry, warm 64% chocolate puff pastry and cinnamon stick ice cream

Surtido de repostería