We’re masters at creating art in the kitchen

Rooted Biscay cuisine. Over twenty years rediscovering and inventing common dishes, wanting to constantly innovating to surprise our guests.


Cadoret oysters

Grilled Cantabrian lobster

Grilled rose shrimps from Huelva


“Carrasco” acorn-fed Iberian ham

Fresh oyster on guacamole, fennel, and “Per Sé” caviar

Scallop tartar, bouillabaisse veil, baby mesclun, and avocado gazpacho

Bonito marinated in nori seaweed, Urdaibai tomato, and a hint of Arbequina olive oil

Grilled octopus with Vera paprika mojo sauce, split potato with Arbequina olive oil, and black garlic ganache

The following dishes will be served in small portions to enhance their essence.

Seasonal vegetables on potato cream and summer truffle

Charcoal grilled shrimp on crispy coral and “Telletxe” egg yolk 1⁄2 plate

Creamy rice with squab, melted cheese slice, and slices of breast at low temperature 1⁄2 plate

Pig’s trotters stuffed with Zalla red onion, Idiazabal cheese spheres, and nasturtium leaves 1⁄2 plate


“Balfego” bluefin tuna tataki on a layer of mustard and tomato and olive salad

Cod plate (grilled, pil-pil, and Biscay-style)

Hake kokotxas (Basque fish stew) with garlic and parsley pil-pil sauce

Grilled hake sandwich, pods with potatoes and prawn from Huelva


Charcoal-grilled sirloin with wheat flour and truffle meringue 

Holm oak charcoal-grilled beef culet with salad 

Quail stuffed with mushroom and spinach duxelles with parmentine potato foam 

Short-roasted suckling pig, watermelon radishes, and lime gel 

Our Mojito

Rum gelatin, mint ice cream and lemon foam. Suitable for gluten, nut and egg intolerances

Sheep’s cheese cheesecake, thyme, and berries

Goat cheese cake, frozen thyme parfait, lemon ice cream, strawberry tartar, fluffy meringue, raspberry slush,…

Chocolate, caramel, and cinnamon soufflé tart

Chocolate short-cut pastry, 64% chocolate soufflé, 70% chocolate gel, caramel cream chocolate lace, brownie sand, buttery Ceylon cinnamon ice cream. Safe for people allergic to nuts


Caramelized French toast, milk meringue, and tangerine

Brioche with a hint of spice and citrus, soaked crème brûlée, buttery spiced whipped ice cream, fluffy tangerine foam, and blended carrot. Safe for people allergic to nuts

Assortment of pastries with ice cream

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