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We’re masters at creating art in the kitchen

Rooted Biscay cuisine. Over twenty years rediscovering and inventing common dishes, wanting to constantly innovating to surprise our guests.


Cadoret oysters

Grilled Cantabrian lobster

Grilled langoustines

Grilled rose shrimps from Huelva


“Carrasco” acorn-fed Iberian ham and loin

“Balfegó” bluefin tuna tartar, avocado mousse, soya caviar and apple gel

Slightly smoked octopus, garlic soup royal and potatoes in textures

Soup-like mollusk and lobster rice, wild asparagus and curry aroma

Winter season vegetables, parmentine foam and crispy purple potatoes

The following dishes will be served in small portions to enhance their essence.

Marinated oysters, champagne pearls, seaweed and sea foam

Foie bonbon and “Urezti” wine over popcorn, Orduña wild grape and spiced chocolate bread

Langoustine tail and extract of its coral, chickpea hummus, Crispy artichokes and “Per Se” caviar

Free-range egg at 65o in foie royale, mushrooms and white truffle foam


Hake cheeks al pil with clams

Cod tasting (grilled, in vizcaina sauce and pil pil)

Grilled hake loin, paprika potato and Galician style octopus

“Balfegó” bluefin tuna tataki, Vizcaina style fritter of its skin and micro salad

Grilled sea bass, marinated common cockle and Durangaldea leek cornstarch


Grilled Iberian pork shoulder loin with potato, mushroom and Parmesan cheese stew

Grilled sirloin with boletus risotto and truffle foam

Coal grilled meat chop with salad

Fawn loin in hazelnut crust, chestnut acorn and Km. 0 plum

Hare burger with its slightly roasted thighs, Carrot spongecake and civet ganache

Partridge supreme in corn textures and thighs in Perigord sauce

Berry cheesecake

Baked cheesecake perfumed with lemon, vanilla, with a crunchy base, berry sauté, cherry sorbet and goat cheese foam

“Anethole”, anise and apple textures

Nut, pippin apple and anise sorbet, crunchy chervil, vacuum impregnated Granny Smith, Gala apple cream and effervescent lime rocks sponge cake

“Tropical Pavlova”

Juicy meringue, banana, mango, avocado cream, tropical sorbet, olive oil sand and cheese and passionfruit ganache

“10 minute” hot chocolate tartlet

Cocoa sable, chocolate (64%) soufflé, creamy caramel, chocolate emulsion and Ceylon cinnamon ice cream. Suitable for nut allergies.


Idiazabal cheese foam, basil pesto, lemon and mango thyme

Foamy ice cream made of Idiazabal cheese, basil pesto, mango sorbet, vacuum impregnated mango, candied sesame seeds, and lemon thyme meringue

Caramelized French toast, merengued milk and mandarin

Homemade brioche bread, crème anglaise, merengued milk ice cream and mandarin foam

Selection of pastries

Tropical pavlova, tartlet, yogurt junket, cake of the day and ice cream

Black Forest cake with brandy, blueberries and sheep’s milk

Chocolate mousse (70%), sautéed blueberries, cocoa sponge cake, Brandy syrup, creamy Brandy ice cream, frozen sheep’s milk, crunchy chocolate nibs, chocolate chips (70%)

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